Our Company

We are a company that seeks to put innovation and technology at the service of medicine.


We aim to contribute to the improvement of surgical procedures and the quality of life of individuals through the creation of medical devices, employing computer-aided engineering, design, innovation, research and manufacturing tools.

Higher purpose

To put innovation and technology at the service of medicine and make personalization accessible to all.

About us

At Innmetec we are dedicated to the design and development of custom medical devices obtained one by one according to the needs of each patient, using innovative and own processes of design and manufacture. 

We want to make digital surgical planning and customized devices to be accessible to everyone. 

Our team

At Innmetec we have a multidisciplinary team engineers, Master in bioengineering and scientific advisors from the medical field such as maxillofacial surgeons, neurosurgeons and orthopedists.

In addition, we have the support of the Bioengineering research group of the CES y CES and EAFIT universities. This has allowed us to develop complex innovation projects and make personalization accessible to everyone. For us, the co-creation process between engineers and specialists is fundamental.



We are characterized by being a company that fosters close relationships, both internally and externally, and seeks to provide its employees with a workplace that promotes human development and personal growth.


We are formed by a highly qualified team for the execution of each task in the development of products and services, aiming to provide the best service with the highest quality.


We will ensure that we meet the response time, delivery time and product quality.

We generate custom medical solutions