It is a device marketed by Innmetec and developed by the Simdesign alliance between Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe, Universidad EAFIT and Universidad CES.

It facilitates the intubation process to provide ventilatory support in patients undergoing a surgical procedure or who, due to their health condition, cannot maintain adequate oxygenation.

It allows intubations to be performed with a clear view of the patient's airway and vocal cords, considerably reducing risks for medical personnel. It helps intubations to be faster and safer.


 It is an anatomical device created with biocompatiblesafe, non-disposable and low-cost materials, equipped with a video camera and an LED light source.
It has an anatomical handle that facilitates the grip of the device during the intubation procedure.

It has a channel that facilitates the introduction of the tracheal tube.
It offers the possibility of connection to monitors, tablets and computers (USB, USBC, USBU).
The disassembly of parts facilitates their cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. Reusable up to 20 intubations.
Includes an intubation guide.


- Body and cover in medical grade polypropylene.
- Ergonomic handle in TPE.
- Flexible cylindrical intubation guide in PTFE.
- Endoscope video camara with IP67 protection.
- Adjustable camera assembly device in medical grade polypropylene.

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CERTIFICATION No. 2021022231